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Traffic at night in Bangkok

Traffic at night in Bangkok, Thailand

Boat on river in Thailand

Boat on the river in Thailand

Bridge in Savannah, GA

Bridge spand over Savannah river, GA.

Gulfstream V park near plam trees

Gulfstream GV park near plan trees

Israel checkpoint near Tel Avie

Israel checkpoint near Tel Aviv

Port in Izmir, Turkey

Port in Izmir, Turkey

Russian Antonov-AN124

Russian Antonov-AN124 park in UK

SFPD patrol boat the harbor

San Franciso Police patrol boat passing Alcatraz, SF

Tug-Tug driver in Bangkok

Thai Tug-Tug driver in Bangkok

Traffic in Suzhou, China

Street traffic with bikes & motocycles in Suzhou, China

Gondola in Venice, Italy

People rides on Gondolas in Venice, Italy

Eurocopter X3 lift off at Pentagon

Eurocopter X3 liftoff from helicopter pad at Pentagon

Boats in Zhouzhuang

Tour boats in the river in Zhouzhuang, China

Deadly car accident in Kawai

Deadly car accident in Kawai

Traffic jam on LA Freeway

A view of traffic jam on LA Freeway in CA

Cruise ship approch Jamaica port

Cruise ship arrive to Jamaica port

Chinese Police patrol boat

Chinese police patrol boat on the river

Cars-Amish wagon struck in traffic

Cars & Amish wagon struck in traffic

Cars on HWY after snow storm

Cars drive on high way after snow storm

Kapuauka native on boats

Kapuauka native on their boats in NW New Guinea

Highway in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Highway in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Plane land during sunset

Commercial plane land during sunset

Mechanic fix King Air 200

Mechanic fix engine on King Air 200

Eva Air appraoch landing

Eva Air 747-400 approaching landing at HGK