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War in the Balkans

War in the Balkans

Ford Mustang and aircraft race

Ford Mustang and aircraft races

Pres Ford casket in US Capitol Rotunda.

The Lying in State of Pres Gerald Ford casket in the Rotunda

Rawanda refugee camp

Rawanda refugee camp

Remains of killing field in Cambodia

The remain of Cambodian skulls from killing field

START1 Treaty

START1 Treaty

Damaged Pentagon day after 911

View of 1st respond on top of damaged Pentagon on 9/12/2001

Afghanistan PM Hamid Karzai & Pers George Bush

Afghanistan Pres Hamid Karzai listen to US Pres George

Sudan refugees in camp S. Sudan

Sudan refugees in camp Southern Sudan.

Thai soldiers vote in general election

Thai soldiers vote during general election in Bangkok, Thailand

Pres Obama camaign at GMU

Pres Barack Obama campaign stops at GMU in VA on 10/5/12

Matt Romney-Paul Ryan

Republican Pres nominee Matt Romney (l) & VP Paul Ryan in VA