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Dolphin Bay beach in Thailand

A view of Dolphin Bay beach in the Gulf of Thailand.

Sea off Key West-FL

Aerial view of the sea off Key West, FL.

Sunset over Izmir, Turkey

Sunset over the sea in Izmir, Turkey.


Full moon.

Boats piles after Hurricane

Boat piles after Hurricane Katrina.

Smog over NYC

A viwe of smog over New York City.

Indonisian road-mountians

A view of Indonisian road up to mountians.

Sun rays hits Stone Henge June 21

Rays of the sun hit Stonehenge in UK on June 21, 2005.

Giant panda eat bambo tree

Giant Panda eating bambo tree at National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Small herd of Zebras with their Calf

Zebrababy and its herd in Kenya.

Sunrise over French Martinique

Early morning view of French Martiniue bay.

Sunset over Bangkok

Sunset over Bangkok, Thailand.