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Aerial view of cars jung yard

Aerial view of cars jung yard in Dallas, TX.

US business in Shanghai, China

US business in Shanghai, China.

Foreigners shop in Bangkok

Foregners shopping at night market in Bangkok

Mark Souk at night in Morocco

A view of Mark Souk market at night in Morocco.

Fishing boat in Essouria port, Morocco

Fishing boat arrive back to Essouria port in Morocco.

Ships waiting for port

Ships waiting for enterning port near Melta.

Street vendor in Kosovo

Street vendor sale cigarettes in Kosovo.

Car manufacture in S. America

Car manufacture in South America.

Peruvian Indian sale cloths

Peruvian Indian sale cloths out door market.

Vendor inside the bus in Argentina

Vendor sale food inside the bus in Argentina.

Hibernia offshore, Canada

Hibernia offshore oil rig.

Chicago stock brokers

Stock brokers work inside Chicago Stock Exchange.

Fake products street vendor stand in Bangkok

Fake producs on an vendor table in Bangkok street.

Aermican Airlines pilots strike

American Airlines pilots on strike in DWI airport.

Highway workers built road

Highway workers built road.

Street vendors in S. America

Street vendors in South America.