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Nuclear Power plant

Nuclear Power plant in Pennsylvania.

Flood in New Orleans

New Orleans, La flood from Hurricane Katrina

Temple of Zeus, Greece

Temple of Zeus in Athens, Greece

Poseidon temple in Greece

Sunset over Posidon temple in Greece

Sunset over sea

Sunset over the sea in Greece.

Sphinx & Kefren Pyramid

A view of Sphinx and Kefren Pyramid in Gaza, Egypt.

Blue Grotto in Malta

Blue Grotto in Malta


A view of Stonehenge before storm in UK.

Vellage lake side in Austria

Vellage along the lake in Austria.

Elephants in Keya

Elephants and its herd in Keya, Africa.

Menoza in Argentina

A view of man stand in front of Menoza mountain in Argentina.

Pinguion South Pole

Pinguion in South Pole.

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China.

Tourists in Taj Mahal, India

A view of Taj Mahal in India.

Monkey eat banana on Monkey Island

Longtailed Macaue monkey eat banana on the beach in Thailand.

Kapuauka native perform war dance

Kapuauka native perform a war dance in NW New Guinea.